Australian Education City

Australian Education City

Australian Education City is an Australian-owned and run company led by IDFG with an express purpose of developing knowledge and learning precincts throughout Australia. These precincts will be thriving, vibrant communities underpinned by a world-class university campus and an integrated R&D hub.

Each is designed to cater to the needs of some 100,000 citizens, including up to 80,000 residents, 40,000 students and hundreds of businesses of all shapes, sizes and sectors.

Importantly, the urban framework of each city will create a vibrant, modern community with expansive parks, green plazas, blue sky spaces, waterways, lakes and several iconic buildings on a dramatic skyline. And behind the scenes, each city will be wired with fully-integrated smart city ICT infrastructure.

Our rapid delivery approach for each precinct will turbocharge the construction industry in that region by injecting billions of dollars of investment in infrastructure within the first few years and creating tens of thousands of construction jobs during the delivery phase. And in the long-term, each precinct will create sustainable high-skill and high-wage employment – in fact, economic impact analysis projects that each precinct will create as many as 100,000 sustainable jobs.

The success of our Australian Education Cities will be underpinned by our development and precinct partners in the fields of masterplanning and design, project management, infrastructure and building, ICT, education, international students, research and development, health and community, and anchor tenants. In each of these fields, we have already secured the support and commitment of some of the largest companies in the world including seven Fortune 500 companies with many more to come.

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